Photo contributed by

Pat Sellers Gillespie

Story and history contributed by

Carole Sellers Walker

Lemuel Bratcher Norton was a Baptist Preacher - circuit rider - founded several churches up in North Georgia around Banks, Habersham Counties. Lemuel could read, write and speak English. He was born in Franklin County, Georgia to Nehemiah and Anna Ward Norton.

Below are some chronological notes I have on him:

1849 Pastor at Leatherwood Baptist Church.

1856 - First Pastor at Tates Creek Baptist Church, located 11 miles southwest of Toccoa on Highway 184, and it was established in 1856. (Ref. Pages 316-317, History of Franklin County, Georgia). Article written by Mozelle Payne. 1856 Listed in church records as being a circuit preacher at Hazel Creek Baptist Church in Habersham County (2nd Sunday), and ". Pleasant Church in Habersham County (4th Sunday). Address listed as Carnesville in Habersham County.

1857 Church records have L.B. Norton founding Harmony Baptist Church in Banks Co., Tates Creek Church in Habersham Co. (now Stephens Co.) and Corinth in Banks Co.

1857 Opposed Tugalo Baptist Association, still listed address as Carnesville in Habersham County.

1858 At annual meeting of Tugalo Baptist Association.

1858 Again opposed merger with Southern Baptists. "Rev. L.B. Norton who at that time was one of the leading spirits of the body, told the writer of die sketches (Rev. Goode) that the Association could easily have become a member of the convention when the question was agitated at the session of 1857 and 1858 but owing to slight opposition they thought it better to wait until the body was united on the question."

1859 Attended annual meeting at Liberty Church in Pickens, S.C.

1861 Preaching at Leatherwood Church in Banks County, Georgia.

1862 Delivered sermon at annual meeting at Union Church in Pickens, S.C., preaching from Ps. 13 3: 1 "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity."

1862 On record at Zebulon Baptist Church. 1864 On record Pastor at Leatherwood Baptist Church, Banks County, Georgia.

1866 Son Ben is born.

1867 Begin service at Currahee Church in Habersham Co.

1870 Pastor at Leatherwood Baptist Church, Banks County, Georgia.

1871 (Nov. 16) Son Jerry Parks Norton is born.

1881 At New Hope Church. 1882 At Broad River Church in Franklin County.

1882-1907 Preached at Eastonollee Church.

1882 Listed Toccoa as his address.

1883 Pastor at Leatherwood Baptist Church, Banks County, Georgia.

1903 Wife sick. Family contemplated move to South Ga is postponed.

1904 Listed as delegate and elder of Corinth Church at annual meeting.

1904 Daughter, Martha Jane Norton Sellers dies.

1905 (JW I 1) Wife dies.

1905 (Sept) Delegates at annual meeting collect $13.00 for " that veteran preacher L.B. Norton." Meeting held at Indian Creek. Family moves to Baxley in Appling County.

1907 Listed as delegate from Corinth Church in Baldwin in Banks Co. at annual meeting. Address listed as Rockingham in Bacon County.

1908 At annual meeting listed as church official of Zebulon Baptist Church.

1910 At annual meeting at Claries Creek, closed session with a song and prayer.

1911 Attended annual meeting. 1911 Listed as being associated with Toccoa Second Baptist Church.

1912 Still listed with Toccoa Second Baptist Church.

1915 Listed as delegate from Baldwin's Corinth Church in Banks Co.

1916 Daughter, Nancy Norton Sellers dies. 1916 Executive Committee of Tugalo Baptist Association vote to continue beneficiaries of the ministerial fund to L.B. Norton and a few others.

1918(Jan 30) L.B. Norton dies at age 104.

Obit on Rev. Norton: Rev. Lemuel B. Norton, dated April 18, 1918. He was born Jan. 28, 1813, and died January 29, 1918. He entered the Ministry in 1847. He leaves behind 3 children, B.F., and J.P. Norton and Mrs. S.J. Sellers. He was born in Habersham County, where he did the greater part of his work. He was a member of Satilla Baptist Church in Appling County at the time of his death. Our loss is Heaven's gain. Signed, C. D. Leggett, Mrs. J.W. Sellers, S. B. Crosby, Committee. ----- He and his wife, Nancy Reynolds Norton are buried at the Corinth Church Cemetery, Banks County, Georgia. The Church is no longer in existence; however, the Church is shown on the 1909 Map of Banks County as is Christian Church, both of whom are in the 371 District. The cemetery for Corinth Church is at 243 Chitwood Road, which branches off from State Highway 105, Banks County, Georgia.