Lemuel Dodd Family Cemetery

Banks County, Georgia

Dodd Lem no date 1810 Unknown (after 1880 Census)
Dodd Elizabeth no date 1844 Unknown (after 1880 Census) Second Wife of Lemuel Dodd
There are 9 additional fieldstone markers, some with signs of faint etchings. (unreadable)
These fieldstones are in rows and form a compact group.
Dodd Wilkie Alonzo no date 1930 no date 1991 Funeral marker
Dodd Monroe no date 1913 no date 1988 Funeral marker
Dodd Leroy Apr 12 1930 Aug 26 1999 Funeral marker
Hicks Janice Dodd Aug 11 1951 Apr 29 2002 Funeral marker Same plot as Leroy Dodd
Dodd Henry Cleveland Aug 26 1914 Apr 7 2003 Funeral marker
Morris Gilbert Lee Jr. Jan 6 1936 Apr 23 2004 Funeral marker
Hopkins Ernest Lee no date 1938 no date 2002 Funeral marker
Dodd Letha Thomas Apr 09 1944 Apr 13 2003 Funeral marker
Davidson Frances Dodd no date 1842 no date 1898 (Daughter of Lemuel and Diannah Smith Dodd)
Note*** This is a replacement headstone. The original footstone remains with the initials "F. D. D.".
This grave is apart from the rest & enclosed in chain link fencing.
Directions to Cemetery:
From Homer take Hwy 51 (west) towards Lula. Make right onto Mt. Sinai Rd., then left onto Moccasin Gap Rd.
Go Moccasin Gap to Ridge Lane (on right). This is entrance to Hudson Falls Subdivision.
Cemetery is visible on right just past the entrance to the subdivision.
Well-kept cemetery with no access problems.
Surveyed October 17 2004 by Jacqueline and Mike King

Copyright 2004 Jacqueline King and Vicky Chambers