1860 Slave Schedule, Banks County, Georgia


Motes, Lucy (all slaves hired out)
Smith, Leonard
Chambers, William C
Chambers, Richmond T
Moss, Hudson
Wynn, Edwin M
Dooley, James W
Jordan, Reuben
Little, James M
Allen, Robert
Chambers, William
Scales, William G
Griffin, Asa
Morris, Henry J
Brooks, James
Walker, Tarlton
Rylee, Bennett
Barnwell, William
Morris, William G
McMillan, James M
Cockrum, Robert
Simmons, Richard O
Simmons, Joshua
Winters, Angelinze
Garrison, John N
Casey, Elizabeth
Rylee, James
Brooks, Moses
Brooks, John
Furr, Isaac
Rucker, Wiley
Rucker, Lucy
Harper, John E
Chandler, Thomas C
House, Thomas P
Anderson, Harvey R
Cox, Robert T
Cox, Mathew
Cox, Arris
Rucker, Armour
Anderson, Enoch
Turk, William H
Turk, John N
Ellison, William A
Anderson, Thomas F
Turk, William
Sanders, Moses
Norwood, James
Sanders, Nathan
Harden, Armsted
Johnston, Samuel
Caudle, Benjamin
Stowe, Hilley
McDonald, James M
McDonald, James M as Trustee for Mary E Turk
Elisha P Headen
Wm M Ash
Mary A Mize
John C Gordon
Johnathan Morgan
Estes, Micajah
Brown, O B
Rucker, Burton
Sanders, Esther
Curry, Nansy
Rucker, Azmon
Sanders, Daniel
Rucker, Ettel (Elliott?)
MIze, John J
Forbes, George J
Borders, Michael A
Owen, Joshua
Owen, Martha
Brewer, William
Bush, Thomas
Baker, Dixon L
Maxwell, James M
Oliver, Dionyous C
Oliver, Jackson
Pendergrass, Elizabeth
Henley, Albert W
Mize, Claxton
Toney, Nancy J
Thomas, Joel
Mize, Elizabeth
Prewette, John W
Manley, James W
Neal, Thales M
Thomas, Madison H
Key, Pierce C
Vaughn, James A
Nunn, Peyton T, as agent for Samuel Wilson
McWhorter, Samuel W
Prickett, John W
Wade, James
Chandler, John L
David, Isaac M
Sims, Hope
Prewett, Samuel W
Sewel, John
McEntire, Nancy
Burgess, Ezekiel
Vaughn, Abel
Freeman, John
Gober, Craddock
Martin, James D
Burns, John M
Neal, Thomas R
Neal, Lovina
Burns, William B
Ash, Robert R
Haley, Augustus C
Sparks, Elizabeth
Butler, General
Butler, Enoch H
McKie, Samuel L
Hunter, Jane
McKie, John
McKie, Andrew
Lane, John
Cash, Clark M
Moss, William C
Cash, Nelson
Moss, John C
Cash, Reuben
Wofford, Rachel
Wells, Samuel
Scales, Elizabeth
Perkins, Logan
Means, Jacob
Gillespie, William B
Gillespie, Patterson R
Parks, Floyd
Epison, Tabitha
Quillan, Asbury H
Bell, William R
Gunnels, Joel D
Martin, Gabriel S
Mize, Martha
Mangrum, Howel ** only slaveholder who had a slave named in the census; "Pompey-he was in the Revolutionary War", age 100
Patterson, George
Moss, Fountain G
Chandler, Joseph N
Sanders, Minyard
Wiley, William
Wiley, William J
Poole, George W
Poole, Keziah
Kesler, William
Martin, Micajah
Hooper, Mathew B
Cheek, Honour
Acre, Allen
Martin, James
Weld, Calvin
Sanders, Minyard
Rucker, James A
Meaders, Barney
Wilmoth, Eli T
Carson, Martin H
Wiley, William

Census taken between June and September of 1860 by James Crocker, Assistant Marshal

"State of Georgia, Banks County, Before me Oliver H
Bonds a Justice of the Peace in and for the said
County, Personally appeared James Crocker Before me and
made both that the Returns of all the Census Sheets
which He has taken and is now about to send them to the
Marshal's office is Correct to the best of his
knowledge and beliefs.
Sworn and Subscribed to before me the 12 September 1860"

Signature of James Crocker

"Total 1088 Negroes".

Transcribed from Archival microfilm

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