Montreat, North Carolina



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Vol. I



Members of Hebron in 1847 and subsequently

William Alexander died sept. 18, 1851

Eleanor Alexander died Sept. 1, 1850

Mary Mackie died 1852

Thomas Mackie died August 18, 1875

Joseph H. McEntire dismissed Oct. 3, 1871

William F. Neal dismissed 1856-removed to Texas

Mary Neal

Cynthia Shannon dismissed to Methodist Church, Aug. 4, 1867


Coloured Members of Hebron in 1847 and subsequently


Pompey Mayes

Sarah McEntire

Lethe Mackie

Thomas Alexander

Joicy Mackie

William Baker

Louisa Baker

Serena McEntire

Hannah Rena Baker

Hudson Mackie

Elizabeth hunter

Frances Hunter

Emma Hunter Terrisa Ann Hunter

Martha Mackie

Nancy Mackie


Book II

Minutes of Session of Hebron Presbyterian Church Banks Co. Ga



Aug 4th 1867

Miss Cynthia Shannon applied for a letter of dismission from this church to join the Episcopal Methodist Church at Bold Spring. Her letter was granted.


Hebron Ga July 1st 1883

Rev G H Cartledge, ----- and Elders Walter Carson and -----Alexander, JD Martin, Jas H Glasure and GL Carson, the comm.. previously appointed to visit the home of Andrew McKie ------ the reason of their non attendance at the House of God. Reported that Mrs McKie was very obstinate and expressed her determination not to attend at the service of the sanctuary in the future. The two daughters requested to be ---- with for the present the committee --- not ---. Made to table a charge against Mrs. Mathia McKie and J Westley McKie for non attendance at the house of God for the last 12 months. Motion was sustained and Jas D. Martin , clk was instructed to serve them with legal notice.


Book III



Hebron Banks County, Ga. Aug 5th 1884

Elder Walter Carson was appointed to see Miss Jane and Frances McKie who have absented themselves from the house of God for the last 2 years and insist that they attend.


Hebron Ga. Dec 6th 1884

The names of Misses Jane and Frances McKie who having absented themselves from the ordinances of the church for the last two years and having been repeatedly visited by committees refused to attend church not giving any satisfactory reason for the neglect their attending were ordered to be striken from

Aug 19th 1885

Alonzo C. Langford was examined as to his personal piety and faith in Christ and was admitted to the communion of the church.


Jan 4th 1893

John H Cartledge was appointed to see Mr A C Langford and make inquiry in regard to a report that he (Mr. L) had entertained a dancing party at his house during Xmas holidays and that certain members of Hebron church had participated in said dance.


Jan 14th 1893

Reported that he had seen Mr Langford and that Mr. Langford gave no satisfaction.


March 4th 1893

Mr A.C. Langford being present admitted that he had had a dancing party at his house during the Christmas holidays, but demanded a formal written charge and a ten days citation whereupon Session ordered the clerk to make out a formal charge and citation and serve them on Mr Langford ten days before the next meeting of Session.


March 18th 1893

Mr. A.C. Langford failed to appear for trial in obedience to the citation sent him by order of session at our last meeting and the clerk was ordered to serve him with a second citation…


April 1, 1893

Mr Langford then objected to the whole session sitting in judgment in his trial, because, he affirmed, they were disqualified to act in his case, and although Mr Langford was called on for the proof to establish his objections, he did not give any proof to that effect…Mr Langford pled not guilty…Mr Langford was then heard in his own defense for more than an hour. His defence was simply an iteration…charge was sustained. Mr Langford was suspended from the communion of the church and he shall have given satisfactory evidence of repentance. Elder JH Glasure being Mr Langford father in law did not sit as a ju--- in this case, but he, and his daughter, Mrs. Langford, assisted Mr Langford in his trial. The cases of Miss Dora Carson, and sister Claude, were then called; and these ladies requested that their trial be postponed until their father could be present to assist them.


Aug the 4th 1894

Received by certificate from the Homer Presbyterian Church Mrs Ida Bellamy also rec by certificate from the Nails Creek Baptist church J W Bellamy.


Aug 7th 1907

The session voted to receive to the communion of this church the following named persons

James Marvin Bellamy, Adella Lee Langford, Maurine Neal, Clara Neal…

Ira Bellamy, Hoyt Bellamy

Aug 8th 1894

Garland Carson, Lee Bellamy


Oct 6th 1907

Paul Burin Power


May 3, 1908

Omer Bellamy

Fannie Power



Teacher, Class No 6: Mrs. J.W. Bellamy