Montreat, North Carolina




Minutes of the Session of Thyatira Church

First January 1828

[small book, hard bound, 5”x7”, unnumbered pages]


1st June On this day Elizabeth Cheatham formerly a member of Hebron Church was Received by certificate.


4th November Nancy Cleghorn being and residing in Coweta County a letter of dismission was given her to join the Presbyterian Church were ever God in his Providence might cast her Lot.


Olney Meeting House, surveyed 26th May 1829 [drawing of the plot]



18th October

George R. Grant, Thomas Brooks, Rebecca Burton, & Elizabeth Burton were admitted on a profession of there faith: and at the same time Thomas Brooks, Rebecca Burton and Elizabeth Burton were baptized as Adults


15th November

also the children of Thomas Brooks and Margaret Brooks his wife named Elvira Love, Nancy Luiza, Middleton Jasper, Sarah Story, Edward Addison; also the children of Middleton Brooks and Sarah Brooks his wife named Amanda Damarcus, Serena Margret


15th November

The meeting House called (Olney) was solemnly dedicateed and set apart for the solemn worship of God by the Reverend John S. Willson



3rd August

Thomas Brooks and Margret his wife Received baptism for their son John Madison



January At the request of Mr Thomas Brooks and Margret Brooks his wife a certificate of Dismission was given them to join the Presbyterian Church where Ever God in his Prividence may cast their Lot.



4th February

At the request of Mr Middleton Brooks Jr a certificate of dismission was given to him and his wife Sarah Brooks to unite withy the church wherever God in his Providence may cast their Lot.

Given by order of the Session.

Wm McMullen C.S.


November 2, 1839

Session met and opened by Prayer…whereas the session after full investigation of the charges and slanders propogated against Dr. George R Grant relative to his being father to a bastard child sworn to him by Selina V Barrett and corroborated by her mother. And whereas it has been proven that Selina and her mother are women of very abandoned character and very loose morals. And whereas it has been further proven that Selina and her mother contradicted themselves when under oath…the mother in presence of said Selina stated that the father of said child lived in Hall County…and whereas a youngs man from Hall county confessed himself to be the father of said child…and whereas all the facts and circumstances go to show that the conduct of old Mrs. Barrett and her daughter was prompted by a disregard of truth and veracity. And that no court either civil or celestial could believe them. Therefore, resolved that Dr George R Grant stands in the opinion of this session a member of this church who has been greatly injured and improperly traduced. And that this session has no just ground for entertaining of him any other opinion than that he is entitled to the Christian confidence and fellowship of his bretheren.


October 22, 1843

The following persons were, on profession of their faith received in full fellowship as members of this church—Tom, servant of Mr. Alexander and Matilda, servant of Mrs. Mays…The above named persons appeared before the stand and made a publick profession at which time the ordinance of baptism was administered to those of them who had not been baptized in there infancy-viz

Tom & Matilda.

October 23, 1843

Session met according to adjournment. The following persons appeared before the session and on profession of their faith were received as members in full fellowship with this church

Viz Mrs Elizabeth Kitturah Orr, Miss Martha Mathews, Miss Sarah Ann King, Miss Cynthia Alexander, Miss Jane C Ash, Miss Cynthia J. Turk, William M. Winters, Thomas A Hoyt, Josiah C Orr—

October 27, 1843

To join Presbyterian church in Athens Geo, viz. Miss Priscilla Wirn, Mrs Mary Martha, and Mr Thomas A Hoyt.

To join the Sandy Creek Presbyterian Church in this county, viz Mr Clavin J Espy, Miss Dovey E Espy, Mrs Sarah Ann Park, Mr Josiah W Hardy, Mrs Rebecca Moore, Miss Jane Matthews and Miss Martha Matthews.

To join New Lebanon Presbyterian Church (Franklin County, Geo) Miss Cynthia J Turk, Miss Margaret M Tuk and Matilda, servant or Mrs Mays.

To join New Hope Presbyterian church in Madison Co Geo, Mr. Josiah B Long and Miss Ann W Long.

At the request of Miss Cynthia Alexander, Miss Jane C Ash, and Tom, the servant of Mr Alexander they were dismissed from this church to join Hebron church Franklin Cty Geo.

At the request of Mrs Elizabeth K Orr a certificate of dismission was given her to join Fairview Presbyterian church, Gwinnette Co Geo.


p. 62

July 19th 1846

Mrs Mary McClesky presented herself for admission into the church and on profession of her faith was received in full fellowship And on the same day received the ordinance of Baptism.

By Rev H C Carter Closed with prayer

W C Alexander C.L.



Thiatira August 16th 1846

The following elders…

From New Lebanon

From Athens

From Sandy Creek

From New Hope Samuel Groves

From Concord David King

From Hebron A McDonald

From Fairview William Montgomery

p. 64

Miss Evaline King Miss Martha Gilmore Mrs Susanah Lankford & Miss Margaret C King were received into concord church.

p. 65

A certificate of dismission was given to Miss Sarah Ann King & Miss Eleanor E King to join the Presbyterian church at concord Hall County Georgia.

August 17, 1846

p. 65

received into full fellowhip viz…B M Thompson…Cicero C Brooks…received into Thyatira church.

p. 66

John N King was received into concord church.

The above named persons appeared before the congregation and made a public profession of their faith in Christ viz [names them all again]. The ordinance of Baptism was administered to the following persons viz…B M Thompson…Cicero Brooks…and Matilda, a Servant.


February 14, 1847

N.B. To remove the appearance of irregularity in the minute recorded on pages 62, 63, 64 & c. the following facts should be recorded. The Thyatira, Sandy Creek, Hebron, New Lebanon, and Concord congregations are united in an Annual sacramental meeting held in the bounds of the Thyatira congregation—The sessions of these churches are presnt and in connexion with their Pastor, (Rev. H.C. Carter) examine candidates for admission into there several churches.

H.C. Carter

p. 74 August 14th 1847

Thyatira Campmeeting

August 15, 1847

The following persons came before the session and were examined on experiment of piety & were received into full fellowship viz Benjamin McClesky & Elijah L Holbrooks were received into Thyatira Church


June 24th 1848?

Henry Hampden Carter, the adopted infant child of H C & Ann D Carter, was baptized y Rev H C. Carter, at his own house, in the presence of his family & a few neighbors, the child, as was supposed being nigh unto death-------


October 15, 1848

Received the ordinance of Baptism viz Vina a servant belonging to Rev H C Carter


April 8th 1850

Statistical Report of Thyatira Jackson County

Number of White communicants at last report 144

Number since received by letter 3

Number of Adults Baptised 2

Number of Infants Baptised 5

Number Suspended 1

Number Dismissed by letter 0

Number Died 0

Number of collourd members at last report 13

Number “ “ since received 0

Total now in communion 165


August 17th 1850 [p. 103]

Dear Brethren

After mature and prayerful reflection I have concluded to renew the resignation of the pastoral charge of Thyatira Church…my desire is that this my resignation may be accepted to take affect (if not before) at the close of the approaching camp meeting…

Your brother

H.C. Carter


[p. 107]

March 15th 1851

Received into the communion of Thyatira church Mr James W McClesky and Lucretia his wife from the Presbyterian Church at Sandy Creek Jackson County, Ga.


[p. 131]

A list of the names of the members of Thyatira church as reported by Wm O Alexander in 1854

Sarah Brooks

Esther E Potts

Lucrecca McKlesky

Mary McKlesky

B M Thompson

C C Brooks

A D Brooks

Benjaman Selman

M H Potts



[ Additional names from Roll at back of book]

Margaret McClesky

Miss Mary Miller

Elizabeth Cheatham, removed 1829?

Margret Brooks Jan of 1835 Dismissed

Sarah Brooks Dismissed 4 Feby 1837

Thomas Brooks Dismissed Jany 1835

Middleton Brooks Jr. Dismissed 4 Feby 1837



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