Hickory Flat United Methodist Church Lula, Banks County, GA

In 1885, eight acres of land were sold by the heirs of the Perry Lewallen estate. Members of the church and people of the community built a wooden arbor for worship services during spring and summer months. Families would come from miles away to attend revivals and camp at the arbor.

Shingles for Loving Arbor

circa 1905 by William Fulton (Gab) Morris

Page 1 Shingles $90.80

Work on Arbor 3.50

Balance $94.30

Due W.B. Morris $04.30

Give $05.50

M.S. Patton $10.00

Ben Parks 1.50

Total $110.10

J.T. Jones 1.10

Balance $112.20

Page 2 Contributors:

Frank Haynes

G.H. Hopper

L.B. Jones

W.F. Morris

M.S. Patton (two different contribution)

T.D. Sherden (two different contributions)

W.T. Hyder

Maggie Jones

J.M. Turner

J.N. Wills(Willis?)

H.B. Parks

Steward List 1905

W.T. Lynch

James Brewe

W.B. Brewer

M. Parson

W.B. Murray and family

W.B. Morris

W.W. Brewe

Louis Parker

W.M. Lynch

E. Griffin

N.T.J. Morris and Gab (W.F.)

W.C. Rucker

M. Smith

Mary Smith

Matie Boling

Cleal Brewer and family

Nelie and Frelie Moris

Ever. Langford

A.B. Morris and wife

Will Rucker

Fred Rucker

Art Sherroden

K.(?) H. Crenshaw

Mary Crenshaw

Alen Smith and wife

Ever. Rucker

Note: This information was written in pencil on what appears to be a small pocket notebook. I have transcribed the names as written but in some cases the pencil markings were very faint. Corrections are welcome.

Source: Original letters and Documents of William Fulton Morris

Copy and Copyright 2003 by Jacqueline King