New Lebanon Presbyterian Church,

Homer, Ga.




March 31, 1837

Charles and Martha Parrish to

Presbyterian Church,

Athens, Ga.


September 1835

Pleney A. Turk and William H. Turk to

Thyatira Presbyterian.


Pleney A. Turk to Fairview Churc.

Gwinnett County, Ga.


September 13, 1840

Pleney A. Turk and William H. Turk to

Thyatira Presbyterian Church,

Jackson County


October 11, 1840

Elvira Williams to Sweet Water

Presbyterian Church,

Cobb County, Ga.


January 18, 1843

Milton Turk and wife Elizabeth to

Presbyterian Church,

Marietta, Ga.


July 13, 1844

Donald McDonald Sr. to an

Associate Reform

Presbyterian Church


November 7, 1848

Elizabeth M. Turk and Christian C. Orr

joined the

Baptist Church


November 28, 1849

Mary Hamilton joined the

Sweet Water Church,

Cobb County, Ga.

January 31, 1849


Asa Orr and wife Lucinda to

Hickory Flat Presbyterian Church,

Cherokee County, Ga.


March 9, 1850

Alexander McDonald and Robert A. McDonald to

Presbyterian Church, Athens, Ga.


March 12, 1853

Donald J. McDonald and wife Mary

and Fleming F. Capeto the

Presbyterian Church most convenient

to their new home.


Oliver H. P. Chambers and Mary M. his wife to

Pleasant Green Presbyterian Church.


March 27, 1853

Melissa Curry and Diana Curry

joined the Baptist Church.


May 8, 1853

Mrs. Mary A. Ashe to join the

Thyatira Presbyterian Church.


August 25, 1853

William Carson dismissed at his own

request to join the

Baptist Church.


February 11, 1855

Mahulda McDonald to the

Athens Presbyterian Church.


March 25, 1855

Sarah C. Evans to

Bethel Presbyterian Church,

DeKalb County, Ala.


February 7, 1857

Sarah L. Bowden to the

Presbyterian Church,

Thomasville, Ga.



March 26, 1859

John A. Headen to

Concord Presbyterian Church,

Hall County, Ga.


Mrs. Diana Sanders to

Presbyterian Church

at Sandy Creek.




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