Full Name: Eulah E. Gowder, nee Sheridan

Indian Name: Nancy Alexander


Residence and post office: Hazel Okla.

County: Seminole

State: Oklahoma

How old are you? Age 32 Born Dec. 16 1876 Banks Co. Ga.

Are you married? Yes

Name of husband: Stephen Gowder


Name all your children who were living on May 18, 1906, giving their ages:


1. Clarence M. Gowder 13 years Born Nov. 5 1894

2. Delos S. Gowder 11 years Born Aug. 18 1896

3. Anderson W. Gowder 9 years Born June 27 1898

4. Floyd R. Gowder 8 years Born Oct. 15 1899

5. Earnest F. Gowder 5 years Born May 23 1903

6. Glenn H. Gowder Born Dec. 8 1906


Father's name- Daniel Wilburn Sheridan

Mother's name- Rosley C. Sheridan

Indian Name-Nancy Alexander

Maiden Name-Rosley C. Goode


Where were parents born? Hall Co. Ga.


Father's birth Born June 10 1851 Hall Co. Ga.

Mother's birth Born June 1 1855 Hall Co. Ga.


Death Date of father-about 1900

Mother still living


Name your brothers and sisters, giving ages and residence if possible


1. Sinthey Lela Sheridan Born March 12 1876 Died 1896

2. Sally L. Sheridan Born March 12 1879

Hall Co. Ga.

3. Mattie A. Sheridan Born May 16 1881

Hall Co. Ga.

4. Charlie L. Sheridan Born March 5 1884

Banks Co. Ga.

5. Minnie E. Sheridan Born Jan. 25 1886

Banks Co. Ga.

6. John F. Sheridan Born Oct. 8 1889

7. Nellie A. Sheridan Born May 11 1895

8. Willie E. Sheridan Born Oct. 1 1897



All information the same as in the application of Rosley C. Goode Sheridan


Dated 13 May 1908


Signed Eulah E. X her mark Gowder


Affidavit signed and witnessed by Jim A. Harris and J. J. Hughes and notarized by W. M. David(?) NP presumably in Seminole County Oklahoma


Contributed by Dr. Ralph Ray ([email protected])


Transcribed 2004 by Jacqueline King