Letterhead-Anderson P. Cagle, Claim Agent and County Surveyor, Seminole County, Oklahoma


Kanawa Okla. July 11 1908


Referencing Appl. # 44826


Guion Miller

Special Commissioner

U. S. Court of Claims

Washington D. C.


Dear Sir:


Relative to the Claim of Eulah E. Gowder No. 44826 pf Hazel, Oklahoma.


We do not know why we, or our Parents or Grandparents were not enrolled. My mother, Rosley C. Sheridan No. 44890 thinks her parents probably did sign the Treaties but she does not know for sure. George Goode and Nancy Alexander or Elexander she was a Cherokee Indian woman. They lived in North Carolina I think in 1835 ( I believe in 1851 about that time they moved to Cherokee County Georgia) of they were not in North Carolina in 1835-1851 they were on Cherokee County Georgia. None of our Ancestors were ever Slaves, we are white people and Cherokee Indians. We now pass as white people in the community in which we live.


Indian Ancestors

Rosley C. Sheridan nee Goode

Grandfather James Carnel Goode

Great Grandfather George Goode his wife was Nancy Alexander or Elexander a Cherokee Indian Woman

This information will do for my Mother,

Rosley C. Sheridan No. 44890

Mattie Greenaway (Greenway) No. 44916 my Sister

Sallie L. Sheridan No, 44889 my Sister

Minnie Parsons No. 44891 my Sister

Eulah E. Gowder No. 44826 my Self


Yours truly, Anderson and Cagle for Eulah H. Gowder, Hazel Okla.




All of the applications were rejected as being filed too late. Eulah Gowder's application includes a note giving rejection reason as:

"Ancestors were not parties to Treaties of 1835-1846. Show no affiliation, recognition or association with the Cherokee Tribe."


Research also shows the only marriage taking place in Rutherford County North Carolina for a George Goode in the appropriate time frame was to a Nancy Waters. A search of the Henderson Roll does not show Nancy Waters listed however, the vast majority of Eastern Cherokee refused to sign treaties and therefore their names are unrecorded.


Contributed by Dr. Ralph Ray ([email protected])


Transcribed 2004 by Jacqueline King