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Lillian Tallulah Brewer, daughter of John Reese Brewer and Henrietta Celeste Forbes, was born in Banks County 7 December 1874 in her Grandmother Forbes' home on a farm, local Post Office, Grove Level. She died on 23 July 1960.


When she was 12 and her sister, Ruby, was six, they visited their father's people, living then in Smyrna, Georgia, a small town located on the Western & Atlantic Railroad from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee, 15 miles north of Atlanta and 5 miles south of Marietta. The family consisted of Manima Brewer, daughter Janie, sons Will and Tom. Will Brewer had just married Miss Dura Jackson and Tom soon married Miss Millie Bennett. Both lived on farms near Adairsville, Georgia. While there Janie and Ruby and Lillian visited the Bennett and Jackson families in Adairsville. The Jackson family consisted of Mrs. Jackson, sons Oby and Capers and Jim. Capers was 16 and Lillian was 12. Years passed.


After Lillian's mother Henrietta's death, and John Reese Brewer had married Miss Lizzie Smithson, it was arranged that Lillian, the oldest child, to visit her father's people again. During this interval Manima and Janie Brewer had moved to Marietta, Georgia, the Jackson and Brewer families had moved to Atlanta. Will and Tom Brewer and Oby Jackson became employees of the Western & Atlantic Railroad Company. Capers and Jim later went with the Southern Railroad Atlanta to Birmingham. During this visit, Capers Jackson and Lillian Brewer renewed their friendship and corresponded regularly afterwards.


Time passed and Capers came to see Lillian twice in two years. Being a railroad man, paid by the trip, he couldn't afford frequent trips, come to Maysville, go to to a hotel, hire a horse and buggy, come out the the house for a day and a night. He could not afford to come too often. The Brewer family lived 6 miles from Maysville. Lillian's little sister used to tease her and declare he stayed a week each time.


Lillian Tallulah Brewer and William Capers Jackson were married in Banks County on 1 May 1894.


They had the following children:


1. William Guy Jackson born 22 February 1895 died 20 June 1895 in Homer, Ga. He is buried in the McDonald Family Cemetery.

2. John Ralph Jackson born 16 April 1896 died 26 Feb. 1989.

3. James Lambert Jackson born 25 October 1900.

4. Henrietta Forbes Jackson born 17 Nov. 1902 died May 1975.

5. Lillian Durah Jackson born 9 November 1905 died 18 July 1953.

6. Kenneth McDonald Jackson born 27 January 1909 and died 28 March 198.1



(William Capers Jackson was the son of James Franklin Jackson and Temperance Brand and was born 28 Sept. 1870 in Gordon County, Georgia, and died 24 July 1940 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama)


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