Banks County Georgia Officials


Ordinary (Probate Court Judge)


1859 Fountain G. Moss

1860 Elisha P. Headen

1864 Augustus C. Moss

1873 Augustus C. Moss

1877 Thomas F. Hill

1908 Logan Perkins

1917 William Madison Thomas

1928 R. L. Sullivan

1946 Van Early Chambers

1953 Mrs. Van Early Chambers

(Nancy Parson Chambers)


Superior Court Clerk


1859 James Anderson

1860 Thomas B. Higgins

1862 Joel D. Gunnels

1866 Martin Van Estes

1868 William B. Gillespie

1871 William Turk

1873 John Willard Owen

1875 Stewart L. Oliver and W. W. Moore

1877 Robert J. Dyer

1885 Lucas Newton Turk

1896 Logan Perkins

1898 Andrew H. Stapler

1902 W. A. Meeks

1904 Columbus A. Meeks

1912 C. W. Gillespie

1920 G. M. Chambers

1924 T. S. Cheek


Banks County's First Elected Officials

( March 7 1859)


Superior Court Clerk- James Anderson

Inferior Court Clerk-William H. Means

Tax Collector-Thomas Ausburn

Tax Return Receiver-Elijah Owen

Surveyor-Pierce Key

Coroner-Archibald McDonald

Treasurer- Madison H. Thomas

Sheriff-William P. Richards


Election of June 4 1859

Constable, 208 GMD- John C. Smith

Constable, 265 GMD-John Hill

Wilmot District Bailiff-James L. Gillespie


Overseers of the Poor

William McCracken Ash,

south of the Federal Road


James Crocker,

north of the Federal Road


Banks County Officers Bonds


May 11 1859-

Warranty Title to 50 Acres

for a County Site for Banks County

given by Elisha P. Headen as heir of

Estate of Samuel Headen

Henry Meyer also gave bond

to build the temporary courthouse (Allenton)


June 4 1859-Elected Constable

for Allenton GMD-

Thomas A. Mize and Samuel Morgan


July 9 1859-

License to sell Spirits to

George J. Forbis at Ausburn Hill

for 8 months and 10 days


Sept. 7 1859-

Fountain G. Moss, Ordinary,

became Treasurer of the School Funds

License to Retail liqours

at his residence, Leonard R. Dalton

License to Retail liquors

at his residence, L. H. Wright

Constable, 1210 GMD-Samuel Morgan

Constable, 1210 GMD-Stovall Poole


January 2 1860-

Inferior Court Clerk-William H. Means


January 7 1860-

Constable, 1210 GMD-Samuel Morgan

Constable, 284 GMD- Hugh M. Brown

Constable, 284 GMD-James H. Caudell

License to Retail liquors

at his residence-Wiley Acrey

Constable, 912 GMD-John C. Oliver

Constable, 207 GMD-John L. Chandler

Constable, 1206 GMD-John M. Patterson


January 19 1860-

Apointed County Treasurer-McKinney H. Boling

Constable, 448 GMD-James Monroe Little


January 30 1860-Coroner-Archibald McDonald

Superior Court Clerk-Thomas B. Higgins


February 6 1860-

County Surveyor-Michael J. Ragsdale

County Tax Collector-William P. Brown


February 23 1860-

Tax Return Receiver-Elijah Owen

Sealed Bids received for the construction

of the permanent courthouse.

Winning bid of $13000.00

was awarded to John W. and Samuel W. Pruitt

Constable, 371 GMD-Reuben Brock


May 1 1860-

Treasurer of Common School Fund-

Elisha P. Headen


January 2 1861-

Tax Collector-William P. Brown


January 16 1862-

Constable, 912 GMD-James H. Crocker

Constable, 207 GMD-William P. Chandler

Constable, 1206 GMD-William L. Carlan

Constable, 371 GMD-Dillard H. Cash

Constable, 1210 GMD-T. A. Mize

Constable, 284 GMD-William Brady

Constable, 284 GMD-Wilson P. Jordan

Constable, 265 GMD-Thomas R. Dodd

Constable, 265 GMD-L. B. Hardy

Constable, 208 GMD-G. J. Forbis

Constable, 1210 GMD-Morgan M. Brown

Constable, 912 GMD-Warren D. Roper

Constable, 1210 GMD-Samuel Morgan


1862- Appointed Tax Collector

284 GMD-Isaac B. Lawrence

Appointed Tax Collector 207 GMD-

Washington J. Burgess

Commissioned Clerk of Superior Court

by Governor Joseph E. Brown-Joel D. Gunnels


Allegiance sworn to the State of Georgia

by the signature of

G. W. Verner, Clerk of the Inferior Court




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