Old Banks County Jail (1906)


Located on Yonah-Homer Road across from the new Banks County Courthouse.


The original Jail, a 22 X 18 feet two storied structure, erected upon a raised rock foundation, was to be completed Dec. 25, 1861, as was the Historic Courthouse. The wooden jail had two outer walls with the inner wall 8 inches from the external wall. The walls were to be 10 inch square, good sound oak or pine, and laid within two inches of each other. The wall spaces were to be filled with firm hard rock of such size as could be dropped down to fill the vacancy between the walls.


In the 1880 Ordinary Thomas F. Hill (1868-1920) added a picket fence to the front of the jail and a stable for the jailer.


The October 12, 1905 issue of the Banks County Journal reported that Swan & Co. of Macon had been awarded the contract "for building and completing a new fire-proof jail for said County at Homer, Ga., Banks County" for the sum of $6,636. "The construction of said building to commence October 23, 1905, and completed by February 1st, 1906." A month later it was reported "The old jail is being torn down. Mr. D. H. Griffin (jailer) and family are now occupying the Mr. Stapler home."


Notices in the local newspaper described the new structure "will consist of two stories" and be "constructed of brick and iron as shown by plans. The first story will contain 5 living rooms for jailer as shown on plane. The second story to contain cells as shown on plan using old cells for felony." (October 26, 1905)



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