The father of James Little was born about A.D. 1760. He was killed by Tories 1779. He was married to Elizabeth Jane_______ , and to them was born one child, James. His father served in the colonial army against the British, Tories and Indians. During the war for independence, he and one of his brothers (Name not known) were spending a night at home. At dawn a band of Tory robbers called at the gate and when his father opened the door, the Tories fired a volley killing him in the doorway. His fathers brother was in the barn, upon hearing the rifle fire, jumped from the loft, whereupon he too, was fired upon and killed. Both were killed right before the eyes of Elizabeth Jane. Then the Tories robbed the home of all things valuable. It is said, traditionally, that by urgent pleading, Elizabeth Jane Little, persuaded the leader of the thieves to leave one article in which to wrap the body of her husband. For this purpose, she was allowed to keep one white counterpane. It was noticed a little later that James Little, then but an infant, had crawled through the blood of his dead father that was spilled on the floor. Source: Book, Familyscope, page 182, written by James Marion Horn in 1936

Contributed by George M. Aikens