Lunacy Records, Banks County, Georgia,

July 1909-April 1917

Petitioner (s) Defendant Charge Filing Date Notes
Wilbanks, M. A. Wilbanks, Lumpkin Crazy July 13 1909  
Whitlock, Steve Whitlock, Lilly Lunatic Feb 10 1910  
Wells, A. M. Wells, N. E. Lunatic Feb 7 1910  
Spivey, G. W. Spivey, Wilburn Lunatic May 10 1910  
Parker, John W., Laura, Bailey, Cleveland Parker Parker, Polona Lunacy Aug 2 1910  
English, W. B. Maley, Ben Lunatic/Melancholic Oct 28 1910  
Brown, C. A. Brown, N. T. Lunatic Nov 25 1910  
Matheson, J. J. Matheson, William Lunatic June 11 1910 Out of sequence in book-may be 1914
Emmett, J. B. Guest, James N. Lunatic Jan 7 1911  
Green, B. H. Green, Mary Jane Lunatic Mar 5 1911  
Prickett, Mrs. Ida Prickett, Brantley Lunacy May 12 1911  
Yarbrough, M. M. Wood, Adeline Lunatic May 16 1911  
Rylee, James McWhorter, Charlie Lunacy Oct 4 1911 Mistrial-Jury failed to agree
Hembree, Albert Hembree, Mertis Lunatic Nov 21 1911  
Wells, N. G. Wells, M. F. or M. E. Lunatic Feb 3 1912  
Thomas, Dave (col) Thomas, Nezzie (col) Lunatic Apr 23 1912  
Hardy, L. P. Hardy, Mrs. M. F. Lunatic Oct 2 1912 Not Proven
Stephens, John Kelly, Ella Lunatic Jan 15 1913  
Anderson, William T. Holland, William Liable to have Guardian appointed June 24 1913  
Dooley, L. L. Boling, Blanche Lunatic Dec 4 1913  
Black, William Bailey, Felix (col) Lunatic May 15 1914  
Purcell, B. J. Purcell, D. R. Lunatic May 30 1914  
Crenshaw, Noah King, Mat M. Lunatic Dec 18 1914  
Keesler, Mrs. Mattie Keesler, J. N. Not capable of handling his affairs, imbecile Jan 4 1915  
    due to old age    
Mason, Mrs. Mamie E. Mason, A. M. Lunatic February 1915  
Winters, Mrs. Minnie Winters, John Taylor Lunatic Dec 1 1915  
Wilbanks, T. P Bates, L. M. Lunatic Aug 24 1916  
_______, Lois Purcell, Thornton Lunatic Jul 12 1916 Lois only name as Petitioner
Sumpter, W. T. Eubanks, Baxter Lunatic Sep 22 1916  
Chandler, N. Z. Barber, Alpherd Lunatic Oct 9 1916  
Hampton, M. C. Hampton, L. C. Lunacy Nov 2 1916  
Purcell, B. J. Purcell, D. R. Lunatic Mar 20 1916  
Gowder, J. F. Gowder, J. B. Lunatic Feb 23 1917  
Dyar, Mrs. Minnie Dyar, Julie Lunatic Mar 4 1917  
Bryant, W. Lynch, Dan Lunatic May 30 1917  
Martin, Henry (col) Martin, Jesse (col) Lunatic Jun 26 1917  
Carlan, R. S. Carlan, Thuran (?) Imbecile Dec 17 1917 spelled "Carland"
All committed person were sent to the Georgia Sanitarium for the Insane, Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia        
Source: Probate Court of Banks County, Homer, Georgia