Banks County Marriage License Books 1859-1873




Chambers, Sylvannus J. and Mary E.E. Scales, Dec 22 1859 Elias Sosbee MG


Yancey, Russel and Eliza Pittman, 6 April 1859 James Brown MG


Wood, James C and Louisa A Thomas 1 Dec 1859 Isaac M David JIC


Lord, Jesse and Martha Gober 17 July 1859 I.M. David JIC


Hill, Henry P and Cintha F. Milligan 20 Nov 1859 T.B. Higgins JP


White, Joshua and Catherine Lane 27 Nov 1859 William C Moss JP


Fagans, Wilborn and Sarah A Jordan 1 Dec 1859 William C Moss JP


Fagans, Wilmot and Elizabeth Lawrence 29 Sept 1859 William C Moss JP


Caudell, W.M. and Lucinda E. Asborn 28 April 1859 James Brown MG


House, Thomas P and Malissa Sanders 17 April 1859 T.B. Higgins JP


Martin, William A and Elizabeth Perkins 31 July 1859 B.C. Grant JP


Hicks, John L.C. and Sarah E. Murray 11 August 1859 Joseph T Woodall MG


Ward, Nathaniel and Dizy Wacasa 8 Jan 1860 Thomas B Higgins JP


Allred, John C. and Miss (?) William T. Davis 4 June 1859 I.B.Lawrence JP


Nunn, William T and Elizabeth Porter 11 Jan 1860 Isaac M David JIC


Dill, James J and Terisa C Massey 17 Jan 1860 Wm. G Scales JP


Rice, Claborn J and Eliza Burris 18 March 1860 Samuel Tribble JP


Smith, Henry H and Rachel E Dill 20 April 1860 Wm. T Martin JIC


Dorrough, Thomas T and Miss L.A. Pruitt 24 May 1860 G.H. Cartledge MG


Eberhart, Francis P and Lucinda Emiline Pruitt 27 Oct 1859 G.H. Cartledge


Ausborn, William T and Nancy M Means 24 Aug 1860 Elijah C Pool JP


Readmon, John G and Mary E Wells 28 Feb 1860 B.F. Wells MG


Vaughn, Abel and Mary Ann E Pool 25 Oct 1860 Elijah C Pool JP


Johiastan, Crisler and Frances R Leg 1 Jan 1861 W.R. Bell MG


Griffin, Asa L and Ama Bowling 27 Dec 1860 James M McDonald JIC


Brooks, J.N. and Elizabeth F Freeman (Lic.) 20 Dec 1860 Joshua Owen JIC


Owen, James and Sarah More (Lic.) 24 Dec 1860 Joshua Owen JIC


Morgan, William P and Martha Martin (Lic) 9 Dec 1860 Joshua Owen JIC


More, Eli and Nancy Norwood 27 Dec 1860 Joshua Owen JIC


Cochran, James M and Elizabeth Hill 9 Sept 1860 Elias Sosebee MG


Strickland, Benjamin and Averilla Roper 16 August 1860 Bennett Rylee, JP


Strickland , John G and Emely Sherdan 5 Jan 1860 Bennet Rylee JP


Walker, A.H. and Julia Brooks 5 Oct 1859 Bennett Rylee JP


Lane, Charles H and Elizabeth Smith 23 Dec 1860 Bird Cash JP


Brady, A. D. and May Ward 2 Sept 1860 Bird Cash JP


Rucker, Enoch A and Miss T.C. Chastain 3 Feb 1861 William H Turk JP


Muller, Frederic L and Francis M. Sherdan 17 March 1861 Elias Sosbee MG


Elliott, C.N. and Lucy A Hardy 31 March 1861 Wm. M. Ash JP


Buttler, Mathew R and Mallesa Lord 13 Sept 1860 Minyard Sanders JP


Headen, Blakely V and Eliza Estes 16 June 1861 Elias Sosbee MG


Wilson, George C and Amanda Minish Sept 1861 H.A. Bennett JP


Hailes, William C and Mary L Jones 5 Sept 1861 John W Aderhold MG


Ritchie, James M and Raney Toney 24 Sept 1861 MInyard Sanders JP


McWhorter, David H and Elizabeth E Pritchett 20 Dec 1860 James Quillian MG


Nunn, Jesse C and Mary Jane Meadows 19 Sept 1861 Isaac M David JIC


Sanders, Moses and Elizabeth J Meeks 17 Oct 1861 M. Sanders JP


Perkins, John and Rachel H Martin 21 April 1861 Oliver H Bond JP


Atkins, Hugh and M.B. Sanders 15 Dec 1861 Wiley C Smith MG


Vaughn, M.J. and W.C. Gober 2 May 1861 Washington Burgess JP


Poole, Stovall and Mary J Martin 19 Jan 1862 David Payne MG


King, Makin T and Vina A Wood 2 Feb 1862 Minyard Sanders JP


Shankle, E.A. and Caroline Smith 16 Jan 1862 William R Bell MG


McDonald, W.W. and D.A. Owen 11 March 1862 Joshua Owen JIC


Willis, John W and Mary F Caudle 24 July 1861 Isaac B Lawrence JP


Sosbee, Elias and Mary Jane Sherdan 1 Jun 1862 Joseph T Woodall MG


Echols, Henry F and Mary O McKie 7 Feb 1861 Groves H Cartledge MG


Hill, Thomas F and Angeline Norwood 14 August 1860 Wm. M. Ash JP


Haman, J. L. and Martha Griffin 1 Jan 1861 O H Bond JP


Davis, W.G. M. and Sarah Lewallen 15 Sept 1861 O H Bond JP


Tombolin, A.J. and Mary Thacker 7 Oct 1860 O H Bond JP


Dodd, Cicero C and Frances P Roper 25 Dec 1862 John Suggs MG


McDonald, Martin L and Sarah L Clark 22 Feb 1862 Groves H Cartledge MG


Hill, Thomas O and Elizabeth Garrison 29 Sept 1861 Enoch C Garrison JP


Laney, Edward and Mrs.Hester A Baker 6 Nov 1862 Enoch C Garrison JP


Harper, Asa and Mrs. Martha E Jones 3 March 1863 James J Wilson MG


Owen, Elijah and M. J. Sailers 28 Jan 1864 William M Ash JP


Thompson, Drewry S and Alpha A Davis 30 July 1863 Oliver H Bond JP


Linch, Elias and Nancy J Headen 9 Aug 1863 O H Bond JP


Murphy, William S and Lovisa C Forester 19 July 1863


Davis, Robert M and Elizabeth F Cash 6 Sept 1863 J A Davis MG


Smith, Lewis L and Dicey Ward (Lic) 14 Jan 1864 Wm. T Martin JIC


Lewis, Joseph T and Elizabeth S North 9 Aug 1863 Elias Sosbee MG


Turk, William and Augusta A. E. Williamson 26 April 1862 G H Cartledge MG


Bond, James T and Mary A Gailey 10 June 1862 Oliver H Bond JP


Lewallen, William and Tharica Sheradin 26 Feb 1862 Oliver H Bond JP


Bond, John and Hariett Watkins 8 June 1862 Oliver H Bond JP


Crocker, Thomas J and Permelia J Dodd 26 Jan 1862 O H Bond JP


Roper, Singleton and July A.N. Wriht 3 Jan 1865 George W Suggs MG


Martin, Henry J and Rachel E Dill 20 April 1860 William T Martin JIC


Nunn, R.D. and Jemima Howington 21 Dec 1862 Edward J Wade JP


Nalley, F A and Rodia Martin 11 Jan 1863 I B Lawrence JP


Stephens, Dennis and Sallie Thacker 12 Oct 1864 I B Lawrence JP


Wilmot, Eli T and Harriett E Brawner 3 Jan 1864 Thos A Skelton JP


Mitchell, James C and Elizabeth Motes 3 May 1864 Isaac B Lawrence JP


Crow, Asa and Roxey Ann Martin 7 July 1864 I B Lawrence JP


Mize, Claxton and Lavica Owen 11 July 1865 James J Wilson MG


Boswell, Augustus C and Sarah E Borders 12 Sept 1864 James J Wilson MG


Dill, James J and Salie Sosbee 11 July 1863 I B Lawrence JP


Andrews, W J and Mary Ann Adams 3 August 1865 W R Bell MG


Wilson, J M and Miss L E Borders 10 August 1865 W R Bell MG


Parsons, William and Laurance Richey 3 Sept 1865 J N Chandler MG


Payton, Moses and Matilda Brown 2 Oct 1863 I B Lawrence JP


Carlin, D A and Miss S A E Parks 1 Oct 1863 E J Langston JP


Tapp, T S and Martha A Mize 5 Feb 1865 J Hill JP


Minish, R.K. and Sarah A Vaughn 10 Nov 1864 W.R. Goss MG


Rich, Archibald and Nancy A Chitwood 3 Sept 1865 Elias Sosbee MG


Borders, A.M. and Mrs. Martha Mize 3 Sept 1865 James J Wilson MG


Murray, D.J. and Sarah Garrison 24 Sept 1865 Elias Sosbee MG


Woodall, W.P and Martha A McEntire 14 Feb 1865 G.H. Cartledge MG


Martin, A.J. and E.E. Ramsey 22 Jan 1865 G.H. Cartledge MG


Means, Wm. H and Susan Arnold 30 August 1864 I. B. Lawrence JP


Freeman, William C and Mattie J.B. Puckett 13 Oct 1865 Isaac Lawrence JP


House, William P and E.C. More 16 Feb 1867 William M Ash JP


Greenway, Govan and Mary Jane Veal 10 Feb 1864 J.M. Brooks JP


Sanders, S.H. and Miss N.C.A. Ray 11 OCt 1866 Willliam Turk JIC


Murray, John C and Rachel M. Hill 25 Oct 1866 William R. Bell MG


Cash, Daniel and Lizzy Tabor 16 Dec 1866 L.B. Norton MG


Brady, Davis T and Rhody E Cox 22 Feb 1866 J.N. Chandler MG


Brown, Nathan S and Elizabeth H Merideth 14 Feb 1866 E. Sosebee MG


Carson, Thomas S and Eliza Ann Meaders 25 JAn 1866 G. H. Cartledge MG


Wilbanks, James R and Jane T McDonald 21 Dec 1865 G.H. Cartledge MG


Prewett, William Benton and Henrietta M Allman 11 Jan 1866 P.H. Mell MG


Conly, James and Nancy Garrison 1 Nov 1866 E.M.Pool JP


McConnell, D.M. and M.E. Crow 6 Nov 1866 E.M. Pool JP


Lord, Boley and M.C. Wade 5 Nov 1865 M.M. Sanders JP


Moss, Wiley and Elizabeth Crow 4 Dec 6 Nov 1866 W.R. Arflin MG


Brawner, John W and Mary F Pool 14 Oct 1866 W.R. Arflin MG


Mealer, J.E. and Sarah Ann Boling 28 Oct 1866 W.R. Arflin MG


Whitfield, Henry and Elizabeth Murry 24 Aug 1866 Elias Sosbee MG


Parsons, Oliver and Harriet M Motes 12 August 1864 John Suggs MG


Messor, D.W. and Miss S.C. Morris 22 Nov 1866 J.N. Chandler MG


Sanders, John D and Nancy Jane Harper 20 Sept 1864 Minyard Saners JP


Murry, William J and Martha C Roberts 24 Dec 1865 William T Martin JIC


Stow, H.M. and Miss S. Clark 18 Nov 1865 William C Moss JIC


Chandler, E.H. and Miss M.E. Mintz 1 May 1866 J.N. Chandler MG


Kesler, Henry D and Nancy H Kesler 7 Feb 1866 William T Martin JIC


Dalton, M.H. and Miss M.J. Meeks 14 Dec 1865 W.R. Arflin MG


Little, M.C. and Ann E. Chandler 3 Jan 1865 J.M. McDonald JIC


Clemments, E.H. and R.A. Sanders 2 Nov 1865 M.M. Sanders JP


Smith, William J and Julia Ann Rucker 25 Jan 1866 M.M. Sanders JP


Caudell, W.B. and Pricella E Morgan 24 Sept 1865 G.H. Cartledge


Jack (former slave of Asa Griffin) and Harriett(former slave of J.M. MCDonald) 27 Dec 1865 Elias Sosbee MG


McDonald, J. P and Mealy J Clark 22 Feb 1866 G.H. cartledge MG


Moore, Davis Crockett and Francis E Brooks 1 April 1866 J.N. Chandler MG


Langston, William J and Miss L.E. Daily 14 Dec 1865 Jackson Oliver MG


Barnes, John H and A.E. Hill 10 June 1866 Elias Sosbee MG


Strange, John E and Mrs. J. E. Keesler 1 April 1866 Elisha M Pool JP


Borders, Jesse and Miss L.E. Boswell 14 Feb 1866 William R. Goss MG


Mayse, Henry and Matilda Glover 6 Jan 1867 Jackson Oliver MG


Borders, S.L. and Offey Wilson 19 August 1866 W.J. Burgess JP


Dalrimple, David and Lucy A Carson 5 Sept 1866 Washinton J Burgess JP


Fields, Lawson and Maggie E Chandler 6 Dec 1866 G.H. Cartledge MG


Greenway, William and Harriet E Strilin 26 uly 1866 James L Waters JP


Osbon, Amos A and Martha Pool 7 Dec 1865 Wm.H Means JIC


Evans, W.C. and Martha Boswell 28 Sept 1865 W.R. Goss MG


Oliver, Thomas P and Nancy A.E. McDonald 13 Nov 1866 A.D. Chenault MG


Wilmot, Alfred and Rosan Gillespie 2 Feb 1867 F.M. Ragsdale MG


Vaughn, J.F. and Orpha Simms 7 Dec 1865 G.H, Cartledge MG


Means, John S and Mary E Langston 28 Dec 1865 Willliam H Means JIC


Davidson, A.J. and Arminda Reynolds 23 MArch 1865 John J Crane MG


Lilly, Charles L and Jane Ann Oliver 18 July 1867 Wm T Norman MG


Mayes, T.A. and Miss L.E. Burns 22 August 1867 Groves H Cartledge MG


Stephens, Thomas H and Mary J Nunn 20 August 1867 Groves H Cartledge MG


Stow, W.J. and Malissa Tumlin 25 August 1867 James Acre JP


Jordan, J.C. and Mary J Mize 29 Sept 1867 E.M. Pool JP


Caudle, W.B. and Miss S.T. Acre 27 August 1867 E.M. Poole JP


Gillespie, Milton W and Mary E Paterson 29 Sept 1867 Stovall Pool JP


Murry, Josiah and Martha Cochran 10 Oct 1867 James Acre JP


Strictland, Carelis and Mary Burgess 17 Nov 1867 T.A. Neal JP


Ledbetter, J P and A.E. Parks 21 Nov 1867 C H Ellis MG


Cox, Jasper and Manda Sanders 1 Dec 1867 J. Owen JP


McBee, William H and Susannah King 24 Nov 1867 J. Owen JP


Burns, D M and Emma Goss 5 Dec 1867 G H Cartledge MG


Jones, Wyley and Caroline Strange 17 Dec 1867 William M Ash JP


Bellamy, John G and Martha L Shannon 8 Dec 1867 E M Pool JP


Cochran , John H and Eliza A Duncan 15 Dec 1867 O H Bond JP


Wilbanks, A D and Caroline Gordon 31 Dec 1867 T A Neal JP


Clark, Henry F and Roseta Sanders 7 Jan 1868 C H Ellis MG


Bell, A J and Frances T Cox 19 Dec 1867 C H Ellis MG


Griffin, Tobe and Frances Cash 19 Dec 1867 James B Smith MG


English, John W and M.A. Ragsdale 12 Dec 1867 Stovall Pool JP


Tony, Joe and Lucy Owen 31 Dec 1867 William M Ash JP


Cox, Benson and Malissa Harper 27 Dec 1867 C H Ellis MG


Langston, Reubin J and Lucy E Bellamy 16 Jan 1868 E M Pool JP


Ellison, Marion and Harriet Anderson 19 Dec 1867 John Hills JP


Pruitt, Ezra J and Elizabeth Cochran 11 March 1868 J B Smith MG


Keesee, J A and Loncasa Henley 1 March 1868 J.B. Smith MG


Reed, M.M. and E.H. Rucker 18 March 1868 Wm. M Ash JP


Little, William C and Sarah L Burns 26 Sept 1867 G.H. Cartledge MG


Bonds, John and Martha Turk 24 Jan 1868 J. Owen JP


Chambers, John R and Mary E Cash 5 Dec 1867 Joseph T Woodall, MG


Martin, Freeman W and Manda Martin 16 Feb 1868 F.M.Ragsdale MG


Oliver, John and Harriet Pruitt 28 Dec 1867 W.B. Bell, MG


Hall, J.W. and Miss M.C. Butler 1 March 1868 W.R. Bell MG


Hill, John M and Miss M.J. Garrison 30 Jan 1868 F.M. Ragsdale MG


English, Hiram J. and Malissa Hill 8 April 1868 F.M. Ragsdale MG


Patterson, George N. and Ugenia A Means 16 April 1868 Stovall Pool JP


Lawrence, Joseph A. and Harriet F. Segars 24 Nov 1867 James Acre JP


Norwood, James N. and Joycy E. Hatton 11 June 1868 W.M. Ash JP


Mintz, Lewis and Caroline Rucker 4 April 1868 W.M. Ash JP


Ward, R.A. and Louisa Dodd 12 January 1868 John J Crane MG


Ward, W.J. and Cyntha Dodd 2 June 1868 John J Crane MG


Candler, Oliver and Manda Ellison 23 April 1868 W.M. Ash MG


Neal, R.W. and Miss A.E.Thomas 24 Dec 1867 W.R.Bell MG


Thomas, Jeremiah and Emily Wyly 19 July 1868 E.M. Pool JP


Massey, John W. and Eliza A Williams 28 Jan 1868 G.H. Cartledge MG


Smith, B. and Levina Ward 7 Sept 1868 James Acre JP


Davis, J.B. and Frances Wells 10 Sept 1868 J.A. Davis MG


Vickelouv, W.C. and Miss O.H. Mize 27 Spet 1868 A.D. Chennault MG


Bryan, John S and Martha B Patterson 16 July 1868 Stovall Pool JP


Walker, W.R. and Maggie Suddeth 25 Oct 1868 W.M. Ash JP


Wood, Sampson and Ann Holland 15 Oct 1868 W.M. Ash JP


Owen, R.T. and Emer McQuorter 5 Nov 1868 C.H. Ellis MG


Brison, Henry and Ann Hardy 14 Sept 1868 W.M. Ash JP


Segars, John M and Francis Osborn 13 Sept 1868 James Brown MG


Brewer, Freeman and Margaret Brady 7 June 1868 F.M. Ragsdale MG


Hood, William C. and Sarah A Ash 26 Nov 1868 Henry Newton VDM


Langston, S.A. and Miss S.R. Weld 26 Nov 1868 A.D. Chenault MG


Dodd, B.C. and Mary Miller 1 Oct 1868 O.H. Bond JP


Ellison, Letson and Lousan Dorghety 22 Nov 1868 John Hill JP


Rucke(r?), Boiny (freedman) and Lydia Blackwell(freedwoman) 9 Sept 1868 John Hill JP


Duncan, R.E. and Martha E Langston 22 May 1868 R.M. Hughs, MG


Ward, James H and Priscilla Vaughn 18 Oct 1868 James Acre JP


Davison, J.T. and Elizabeth Vaughn 22 Nov 1868 James Acre JP


Roe John E and Miss A. Acre 3 Jan 1869 James Acre JP


Brison, Richard and Cyntha Griffin (both colored) 3 August 1868 John Suggs MG


Wover, George and Matty Williams 12 Dec 1868 John J.J. Shepard NP


Rylee, Leander and Letty White (both colored) 17 Jan 1869 Bennett Rylee JP


Cochran, William T and Sarah M Garrison 14 JAn 1869 W.T. Qullin MG


Long, Thomas W. and Matty P Burns 22 Sept 1868 G.H. Cartledge MG


Davenport, Jarrot and Cynthia Pain (both colored) 5 Dec 1868 John W Wright NP


Chasteen, John W and Miss P.R. Vaughn 11 Feb 1869 Wm. R. Goss MG


Benton, Samuel and Sarah E Lord 17 Dec 1868 R.T. McGinnis JP


Strictlan, Epraigm and Josephene Bagwell (both colored) 29 Dec 1868 Wm. R. Goss MG


Turk, Gilbert and Emily Jordan (both Colored) 7 Oct 1867 Wm. R. Arflin MG


Arflin, Samuel P and Hester Ann Jordan 30 Jan 1868 Wm. R. Arflin MG


Slayton, T.N. and Miss M.C. Slayton 3 Jan 1869 Wm. M. Ash JP


Ray, G.W. and Miss A.E. Rucker 7 June 1869 Wm. M. Ash JP


Wilson, Andrew and Sarah Payne (both colored) 24 Dec 1868 W.M. Ash JP


Arnold, T.J. and Sarah A Smith 3 Jan 1869 W.M. Ash JP


Bell, Madison and Mary C Cox 13 May 1869 J.C. Varner MG


Sanders, John Goss and Malissa Mints 21 March 1869 W.M. ASh JP


Carrington, William and Angline Hester Mints 14 March 1869 John J.J. Shepard NP


Brody, Bery B and Jane A Rice 18 Oct 1868 James Brown MG


James M Brown and Ardenia Vaughn 26 Dec 1868 James Brown MG


Reed, William R and Louiza A Sanders 23 May 1869 A.C. Moss Ordinary


Moor, W.W. and Jose Norwood 29 May 1869 A.D. Chenault MG


Ogle, Jon C and Miss M.L. White 3 June 1869 A.D. Chenault MG


Whitfield, Marion and Alpha Cash 7 March 1869 James Acre JP


Ray, James J and Miss C.M. Furr 16 May 1869 Bennett Rylee JP


Rogers, Anderson J and Sarah L Rucker 23 May 1869 Bennett Rylee JP


Jordan, Reubin and Loueasa C Sheridan 15 August 1869 Joshua White JP


Jordan, Thos. and Nancy E.C. Boling 29 Dec 1868 J.B. Smith MG


Acre, Andrew and Louisa Peyton 14 Feb 1869 J.B. Smith MG


Hobson, J. E. and Miss S.E. Smith 2 Spet 1869 J.B. Smith MG


Ausborn, Robert and Misouri E Jordan 29 Dec 1868 J.B. Smith MG


Sheridan, John A and Mary M Hill 24 Dec 1868 J.B. Smith MG


Echols, Timothy T and May Martin 24 June 1869 James Acre JP


Bradly, J.N. and Lucinda Morgan 17 Oct 1869 F. A. Garison NP


Crump, T. R. and Miss N. J. Hicks 19 August 1869 F.M. Ragsdale MG


Hewder, Hezekiah and Miss F.L.Colier 13 Sept 1869 W.R.Arflin MG


Dodd, John U and Manervia A Terrel 31 August 1869 Simon H Terrel NP


Dalton, J.T. and Mary C Guest 17 June 1869 W.R. Arflin MG


Davidson. T.F. and Miss D.B. Sheridan 3 March 1869 Wm Arflin MG


Allen, J.G. Lea and Eliza Miles 4 Feb 1869 Wm Arflin MG


Fight, Alfred M and Mary A.P. Bond 3 Oct 1869 Bennett Rylee JP


Mattox, Maddison and Chano Mints (both colored) 29 May 1869 W.M. ASh JP


Vaughn, Henry J and Miss N.A. Wade 8 July 1869 W.R. Goss MG


Smith, W.A. and Miss M.E. Chambers 8 August 1869 J. Owen JP


Mize, John D. and Dealy Carlin 21 November 1869 A.D.Chenault MG


Bray, G.W. and Amanda Parlee Wade 23 June 1869 W.R. Goss MG


Thompson, William P. and Catherine Shore 7 Nov 1869 Simon H Terrell NP


Blackburn, James J and Frances Murry 2 Dec 1869 James Brown MG


Massey, Henry D and Nancy C. Williams 12 Dec 1869 Wm R. Goss MG


Carson, William P and Martha M Daily 2 Dec 1869 G.H. Cartledge MG


Martin, Henry H and Cynthia J Williams (both colored) 12 Oct 1869 Nimrod Hembry NP


Pitman, Andrew and Molly Neal (both colored) 4 July 1869 Nimrod Hembry NP


Richie, William C and Elizabeth A Wilson 11 Nov 1869 F.G.Carpenter MG


Gober, James W and Lucinda E Burgess 16 Dec 1869 Wm. R. Goss MG


Tony, John T and Miss F. Curry 9 Dec 1869 J.J. Wilson MG


Williams, William and Jane Shannon (both colored) 16 Oct 1869 Nimrod Hembry NP & JP


Allen, James C and Mattie B Wynn 30 Nov 1869 A.D. Chenault MG


Bell, William T and Mary C Pritchett 29 Nov 1869 John S Means JP


Mize, William S and Lou E Mackie 9 Dec 1869 G.H. Cartledge


Jordan, Green and Liza A Cash (both colored) 25 Nov 1869 James B. Smith MG


Cartledge, George R.G. and Cordelia N McDonald 16 Dec 1869 G.H. Cartledge MG


Sheridan, Thomas and Averilla Morris 13 March 1870 Bennett Rylee JP


Hardy, Lewis T and Sarah Eperson 31 Jan 1870 Nimrod Hembry NP & JP


Ray, John J and Martha F Rucker 16 March 1870 John J. J. Shepard NP &JP


Nelson, George and Joycy Neal (both colored) 6 March 1870 John J.J. Shepard NP & JP


Davidson, Robert and Mary Cape 20 Jan 1870 L.H. Terrell NP & JP


Hill, John J and Esther Sanders 13 Jan 1870 A.D. Chenault MG


Headen, Enoch and Mary Sander (both colored) 23 June 1870 J.S. Conley JP


Gordon, Thomas M and Kizala Garrison 14 Jan 1870 J.S. Conley JP


Eperson, John J and Mary J Neal 16 Oct 1870 G.F. Pierce MG


Bush, Ross and Mariah Goss (both colored) 1 Oct 1870 Jackson Oliver MG


Meeks, Mark O and Sarah E.H. White 11 Sept 1870 Wm R. Goss MG


Ledbetter, Joel P and Mary E Miller 10 May 1870 B. Sanders MG


Holland, William and Margaret A Roy (both colored) 25 Nov 1869 Bennett Rylee JP


Casey, Lacy and Lanah C Cox(both colored) 25 Nov 1869 Bennett Rylee JP


Ragsdale, Leonard J and Margaret M.J. Garrison 12 May 1870 John S Means JP & NP


Sanders, Brittain and Fannie D Rucker 29 May 1870 A. D. Chenault MG


Cheatham, John and Martha J Meaders 26 June 1870 John S Means JP & NP


Holcomb, William R and Tempa E Wade 8 Sept 1870 Wm R Arflin MG


Jourdan, Orange and Minda Deavenport(both colored) 10 March 1870 W.R. Arflin MG


Wilbanks, Cecil and Elizabeth King 24 March 1870 J B Smith MG


Lecroy, George T and Tabbitha J Brewer 8 Sept 1870 A. D. Chenault MG


Wilkerson, John and Toma Vicker(both colored) 9 Oct 1870 Wm T Martin NP


Massey, F and Manda V Dalton 21 Oct 1869 William Arflin MG


Carlin, James and Mary M Means 3 Oct 1869 Columbus W Crenshaw NP


Jourdan, Francis M and Sarah E Caudell 1 Oct 1870 James Acre JP


Coker, William J and Keziah C Garrison 18 Dec 1870 Joel D Gunnels MG


Hyder, WilliamT and Mary A.E. Garrison 13 Nov 1870 S.G. Davis NP & JP


Pinckston, William R and Arthy M Thomas 29 March 1870 W.R. Arflin MG


Demore, N.A. and Ella F Jarrett 29 Dec 1872 McM. N. Hardy JP


Sanders, Greenberry and Marish Garrison(both colored) 28 August 1872 W.R. Bell MG


Coker, James M and Mary M Ward 21 Nov 1872 W.F. Quillian MG


Brewer, Daniel E and Eugenia P Norwood 24 Oct 1872 W.F. Quillian MG


Guest, William A and Martha A Brown 23 May 1872 Wm. R. Arflin MG


Hopper, William C and Julia A Walker 24 Oct 1872


Smith, William B and Arminda Caudell 18 August 1872 James Acre JP


Watson, Benjamin S and Hannah E Brown 15 July 1872 James Acre JP


Rice, Thomas J and Mary Hooper 28 July 1872 James Acre JP


Bradly, George F and Sarah C Ausborn 27 June 1872 James Acre JP


Brown, Thomas W and Esther M Chasteen 26 Sept 1872 W.R. Goss MG


WIlliams, John and Harriet Cash(both colored) 22 Sept 1872 W.R.Arflin MG


Holland, Jacob G and Mollie A Massey 30 Nov 1872 W.R. Goss MG


Boling, Reubin C and Mary Caudell 27 Dec 1870 J.B. Smith MG


Bond, John H and Lurella White 22 Dec 1870 J.B. Smith MG


Wilkerson, Shadric H and Martha A King 27 Nov 1870 J.B. Smith MG


Vaughn, Oliver and Sousan Blair 18 Dec 1870 J.B. Smith MG


Lankford, George M and Hattie Craig 9 May 1872 Wm F. Quillian MG


Jordan, Calvin J and Ceiles E Acre 17 March 1872 W.R. Arflin MG


Dodd, Berry M and Elizabeth Strickland 22 Feb 1872 J.M. Brooks NP


Bennet, James and Frances C Massey 8 Dec 1871 F.M.Ragsdale MG


Thompson, Mathis C and Lousannah Holcomb 15 Feb 1872 W.R. Arflin MG


Dalton, George and Charlotte Watson 7 January 1872 Wm. R. Arflin MG


Cash, J.H. and Martha D Caudell 12 Nov 1871 John Kytle MG


Simons, Thomas and Frances Isbell 10 Jan 1872 Wm. Acre NP & JP


Hull, James A and Mary J Tony 17 Dec 1869 James J Wilson MG


Meeks, Hugh B and Amanda E Wade 1 Sept 1871 Wm R. Arflin MG


Purcell, Anderson J and Mary J Kesler 24 Sept 1871 James Acre JP


Cash, Bird and Mary J Wynn(both colored) 27 July 1871 Wm R Arflin MG


Dodd, James W and Elizabeth Carter 22 Feb 1872 W.R. Arflin MG


Ballow, Frances and Nancy Henderson 3 August 1871 Wm R. Goss MG


Lecroy, William J and Martha H Langston 17 August 1871 D.H.Payne MG


Kimsey, Herbert C and Letty F Mackie 10 Nov 1870 H.E.Kimsey MG


Martin, White amd Martha E Crane(both colored) 14 May 1871 James J Wilson MG


Chandler, Dudly C and Louiza F Vaughn 12 Feb 1871 W.R.Goss MG


Turk, Alexander A and Amanda S Kilgore 3 April 1871 A.D. Chenault MG


Pierce, Bluford and Bashaba Crumpton 13 Feb 1871 Wm R. Arflin MG


Morgan, Jefferson C and Manda H Slaton 7 Feb 1871 J.D. Gunnels MG


Means, Oliver W and Francis M Garrison 19 Feb 1871 J.D.Gunnels MG


Henderson, Francis M and MArgaret E Rylee 23 Feb 1871 James J Wilson MG


Garrison , Levi C and Martha O Manis 4 Jan 1871 J.D.Gunnels MG


Smith, Cincinnotte and Louson Dodd 4 Jan 1871 Joshua White JIC


Wadkins, William W and Mary Wilbanks 8 April 1872 J.B. Smith MG


Jordan, Bird and Hester Ann Cash 4 March 1872 J.B. Smith MG


Pruitt, Alfred K and Mary E Verner 9 Feb 1872 J.B. Smith MG


Anderson, James P and Flora M Wilbanks 28 Dec 1871 W.R.Goss MG


Dodd, John M and Martha J Strictland 14 Jan 1872 J.M.Brooks NP


Ramsey, Chesley and Levinia Langston 26 Nov 1871 N. Hembree NP&JP


Martin, Calvin and Manda Flood(both colored) 28 Dec 1871 James J Wilson MG


Scales, William N and Nancy S Howell 14 Jan 1872 T.H.Garrison


Sanders, Daniel C and Louisa A Norwood 11 Jan 1872 G.H. Cartledge MG


Wheeler, J.C. and Miss H.F. Prickett 6 Jan 1872 Thomas C Prickett MG


Presley, Wilson V and Lousan E Ford 14 July 1872 James J Wilson MG


Murry, Stephen A and Nancy J Smith 12 Oct 1871 J.B. Smith MG


Smith, William R and Rebecca J Allen 25 June 1871 James Acrey JP


Pendergrass, John J and Virginia D Martin 6 Dec 1870 G.H. Cartledge MG


Whitlow, Marcus and Lucy J Harwell 28 Sept 1871 J.J.J. Shepard Np&JP


Cash, Hiram F and Martha L Maxwell 7 Aug 1871 J.B. Smith Mg


Thompson, Jesse O and Mary A Boling 3 Sept 1871 J.B. Smith MG


Jones, James and Nancy J Anderson 31 Aug 1871 W.R. Goss MG


Ward, James G and Margaret A Mays 9 Oct 1870 G.H. Cartledge MG


Thomas, Zachariah T and Mattie Hicks 11 August 1870


Boswell, Samuel T and Sarah E.G. Pickeral 2 Oct 1870 W.M. Goss MG


Addison, Benjamin F and Martha Garrison 12 Dec 1872 J.M.Caudell JP


Roberts, Jessee and Minda A Pritchet 15 Dec 1870 John S Means NP


Leggs, Fortunattas H and Anna Shepard 13 Dec 1870 J.D. Gunnels MG


Wright, James P and Miss M.P. House 24 Jan 1871 F.A. Garrison NP & JP


Morgan, William S and Mary A Tucker 9 Feb 1871 F.A. Garrison NP & JP


Broom, George H.C. and Elizabeth Wright 24 Jan 1871 F.A. Garrsion NP&JP


Broom, James M and Sarah A Williams 24 Jan 1871 F.A. Garrison NP&JP


Brewer, John H and Margaret A Morgan 8 Feb 1871 A.D. Chenault MG


Quinn, James H and Allas Ragsdale 22 Jan 1871 L.B. Norton MG


Smith, William R and Sarah Cash 27 Dec 1870 L.B. Norton MG


Carson, James and Sarah J Kitchens 18 Dec 1868 W.R. Bell MG


Anderson, William T and Sarah F.B. Holland 25 Dec 1870 W.R. Goss MG


Ayres, John C and Laura A Crow 28 Sept 1870 W.B. Brown MG


Wiley, George W and Lusan L Bell 9 Dec 1869 W.B. Brown MG


Caudell, Benjamin W and Manda Jordan 8 Jan 1871 W.R. Goss MG


Pitman, Anderson and Amanda Goss(both colored) 16 Jan 1871 W.R. Goss MG


Pitman, Andy and Fannie Drew(both colored) 16 Jan 1871 W.R. Goss MG


Sisk, William E and Marcela Davis 16 Dec 1869 W.C. Davis MG


Mize, Daniel W and Mary J Pritchett 2 Feb 1873 J.J. Wilson MG


Brown, William D and Nancy E Garrison 10 Oct 1872 F.M. Ragsdale MG


Lecroy, Felix V and Nancy E Hunnicutt 3 Dec 1872 James Brown MG


Rice, William F and Peggy A Blackburn 7 April 1872 James Brown MG


Suddeth, Zachariah T and Miss E.A. Winters 7 Oct 1872 W.F. Quillian MG


Garrison, Lowego S and Sally B English 4 August 1872 F.A. Garrison NP


Martin, James D and Sallie Key 19 Dec 1872 G.W. Cartledge MG


Carr, James and Maggie Mainy 13 Feb 1873 Sanford Wilson JP


Rucker, Paul W and Angeline Cape 4 May 1873 J.J. Wilson MG (License)



End of Marriage License Books (1859-1873)


Probate Court, Homer, Georgia



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