IN Memory of Little Murtice Bowling

Who died January 7th, 1890

By H. A. S.


Goodbye Murtice, darling,

We’ll meet you in that home,

Where sorrow never can enter,

Where trouble never comes.


Goodbye Murtice, darling,

We’ll meet you by and by,

Where all is peace and love,

Where pleasure never dies.


Goodbye Murtice, darling,

‘Tis only for ahwhile,

Till me come to greet thee,

Our precious darling child.


Oh Jesus, blessed Jesus,

Help us our grief to bear,

Till thou shall bid us come to thee,

To meet our loved ones there.


And then our blessed redeemer,

We at thy feet will fall,

And sing and shout the praises,

And crown thee Lord of all.


--Grand Pa


Source: “Banks County Gazette”, Thursday, Sept. 3, 1890


Transcribed 2005 by Jacqueline King

Copyright © 2005 Jacqueline King