Jedediah Garrason Obituary

Provided by Diane H. Norton

The following obituary was printed in the 9 April 1830 issue of a newspaper entitled Christian Advocate and Journal and Zion's Herald. The title of this newspaper was shortened to The Christian Advocate with its 30 August 1833 issue. An abstract of this obituary appears in the current issue (Volume XXVIII Number 2, Spring 2000) of The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research under the title, "Death and Marriage Notices from The Christian Advocate", on page 73. What follows is an exact quotation in its entirety of the original notice as it appeared in the newspaper under the heading of "Died". (I contacted the library at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and requested the copy.)


"Mr. Jedediah Garrason departed this life in Franklin Co. Ga., March 3, 1830, in the 78th year of his age. He was born in the county of Cortwright, N.C. of English parents, in 1752. In 1786, he embraced religion under the ministry of Mr. Patridge, and some time after he removed to South Carolina, where he became a class leader and exhorter, both of which offices he filled with much fidelity and usefulness. After some years he removed to Georgia, where he spent the remainder of his days in the faithful discharge of his duties to God and man. He wasted away slowly with a lingering disease, but his faith was made perfect. A little before he died, he praised God for all his mercies, and said the ministering spirits were waiting to convey him home. His death indeed was truly triumphant, affording a striking evidence to all who behold it of the efficacy and power of divine grace."

Provided by Diane Norton

Jedediah Garrison was my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. Since there is apparently no "Cortwright" County in North Carolina, it is my guess that Carteret County was meant by the writer. It has been thought that Jedediah was born in Duplin County, North Carolina.


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