Banks County Gazette, November 5th,, 1890




Esquire Washington J. Burgess, Davids District, was in the Grove Saturday before last.


Capt. Robert Hawk, the efficient marshal of our town, returned home Friday Oct. 31 from a pleasant business trip to Oglethorpe Co.


Mr. Frank Rhodes, one of Athensí greatest drummer, was in town Saturday before last.


Capt. Al Bennett of Apple Valley Ga. was in town. He is one of the greatest Politicians in this area.


Messrs. John J. Pittman and Alvin C. Applebee have withdrawn from the Clerk of Court race in Jackson Superior. Now only two will run, Messrs. George D. Bennett & Thomas H. Niblack.


Squire S. A. Langston of Bold Springs, Ga. was in the Grove Thursday last shaking hands with his many friends.


Miss Clara Garrison, the belle of Gillsville, was in the Grove visiting Miss Ida Bohannon.


There was a regular exodus of average town and country darkies to Athens to see the Greatest Show on Earth.




Jim Chambers is the boss cotton picker in this county. He claims he and one other can pick a bale in two days. Smart boy, girls!


Sunday school at Harmony was rained out.


A.R. Gailey has a fine 10 lb. Boy.


G. W. Dooly-yes, it is a fine boy and a great smile is worn by G. W.


Will Motes has the misfortune to have his house & contents burned two weeks ago. The loss falls heavy as he has just started on his own. The good folks in the vicinity are helping him to restore his loss.


Mr. David Scalesí team ran away with him last Sat. demolishing his wagon. No other serious damage.


Transcribed 2005 by Vicky Chambers

Copyright 2005 Jacqueline King & Vicky Chambers