"Southern Banner", Athens, Georgia


October 14, 1862




We learn that ulcerated sore throats, thought by some to be Diptheria, is prevalent in portions of Banks and Franklin counties. We find the following remedy for Diptheria in our exchange which is said to have been used with good results.


Take a handful of alder root, the same quantity of dogwood root, and the same quantity of the bark of persimmon root. Boil them with a pint of vinegar down to a half pint, then add very little water, a small lump of alum and a little honey, use as a gargle.



"Southern Bannner", Athens, Georgia


November 18, 1863




All ministers residing in Oglethorpe, Madison, Hart, Franklin, Banks, Jackson, Hall, Lumpkin, Habersham, Rabun, Union and White counties, can purchase a limited supply of cloth and yarns at Hutcheson's and Hampton's. A certification from any minister in the town of Athens, or Clerk of the Inferior Court, setting forth that the appplicant is an ordained Minister, and whose only means of support is preaching the gospel, will be taken as evidence. The number of their family will be required, white and black.


R.L. Bloomfield

Agent, A. M. Co.




Background by Donna Brand 


Source: Microfilm, University of Georgia


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