"Weekly Journal", Homer, Banks County, Georgia


Issue date Thursday, October 3, 1889


Front Page:




The cigarette bill that became law the 17th, prohibits the sale of any tobacco that will bear wrapping as a substitute for cigarette smoking for minors; it also excludes cigarette paper.

The duelists, Calhoun and Williamson, have been arrested and appear before Gov. Seay of Alabama, this week. The laws of that state make dueling a penetentiary offense. What disposition Gov. Seay will make of the Georgia duelists is hard to tell.

The mails seem to have been crooked last week. On Monday we received three of the daily Constitution, besides several other papers and other important mail matter, which had been mislaid, doubtless, somewhere on the railroads. But as long as the republican party insists on putting irresponsible negroes in position, we need not expect anything better. It is an insult to the wealth, intelligence and virtue of our people, but we must stand it.


The people are beginning to receive the vengeance of republicanism. The race troubles now boiling up all over the South are nothing more than the legitimate fruits of republican victory. From the day that Harrison was elected, negro insolence and brutality began to assert itself; and now Mr. Grady of the Constitution, boldly asserts that the races are in a strained relation to each other. Let the white people of our section stand firm to their rights, but let them at the same time accord to the colored race equal and exact justice. We are glad to see that the colored people are trying to behave themselves; that they eschew politics and attend to their own affairs. If they continue to do so there will be no cause for alarm.





The amount of property returned for taxation in Banks County for the present year has decreased over $36,000. A man with half an eye can see that there is something wrong in this matter-something radically wrong. It is a fact known to every man who will take the time to look around a little, that our people are in a more prosperous condition than they have been in any time since the war. New farms are being opened everywhere, new machinery out in operation, new residences built, and in fact, everything points to the prediction that we are gaining more and more wealth and property.________, lands are advancing in value, and still there is a decreased showing on the tax books, while the value is increasing, the taxable property of the county will reach $1,500,000. (Note-Poor copy)





On Monday last the bill to prohibit the sale of liquor within three miles of Mt. Bethel church was defeated in the house of representatives; Mr. Coggins opposing the bill. On Tuesday, Mr. Foute of Bartow, moved a reconsideration, the bill having already passed the senate. Mr. Foute declared that the bill had been defeated by a thin vote, and that the reasons for the passage should be known. Mr. Tuck, of Clarke, also favored a reconsideration for the same reasons, and declared that he has proofs locked up in his desk, why the bill should become a law. Then came Mr. Coggins and opposed a reconsideration. He said he was the representative from Banks, and knew what they wanted; that he would be responsible to them, and knew they would sustain him; that he was opposed to the passage of this bill because the people of that district did not want it. Mr. Candler of DeKalb, said that, in this instance, he should oppose the wishes of the representation from Banks. The church had stood there for fifty years, and now comes a bar keeper and sets up a saloon near the church. The bill did not seek to put liquor out of Banks county, but to put it away from this church and the academy. He considered it a duty to vote for the bill. Mr. Coggins replied that he had introduced six bills of this kind for Banks county, but in this case he had in his possession a petition signed by 123 people within radius of three miles of the church, opposing the bill. He asked the house to vote down the motion to reconsider, but they refused by a vote of 59 to 57.



Transcribed 2005 by Jacqueline King