Banks County Memorial Day 2003


Roll of Confederate Soldiers Honored

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Cemetery

BARNES, John. H. Pvt., Co. A. 24th GA Infantry

COCHRAN, W. Terrell, Pvt, CO. E. 29th GA Infantry

HERBERT, James A. Pvt., CO. K. 24th GA Infantry

GARRISON, Christopher, Pvt., CO. A. 24th GA Infantry

GARRISON, Clayton, Cpl. CO. A. 11th Cavalry

GARRISON, Thomas, Pvt., CO.A. 24th GA Infantry

GARRISON, William A., Pvt., CO.A. 24th GA Infantry

GARRISON, John F. Pvt., CO. B. 29th GA Infantry

GILLESPIE, James Lowery, Pvt., CO. H. 34th Infantry

HILL, John M., Sgt., CO. A. 11th GA Cavalry

KELLY, John A., Pvt., CO. F. 3th GA Cavalry

MEADERS, Daniel, Pvt., CO. H. 34th GA Infantry


Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church Cemetery

AYERS, Obediah W., Pvt., 15th GA Infantr

GARRISON, Freeman, Sgt., CO. H. 34th GA Infantry


Bethel Cemetery, Knoxville, Tn.

GARRISON, Henry F., Pvt. Co. H 34th GA Infantry


source: exerpt from

The Banks County News, Wednesday, June 11, 2003


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