Banks County Confederate Stories 2003

*Five sons of Martin T. GARRISON answered the call to join the armed forces

of the Confederacy. All five were either killed or died during the was.

When Mr. Garrison would get word that a son had leen killed, he would go by horse and wagon to retrieve

the body and return it to Mt. Pleasant for burial. Christopher, Clayton, Thomas and William

are all buried at Mt. Pleasant and a rock wall encircled the four graves. The fifth son

died in a hospital in Knoxville, Tenn., and is buried in Bethel Cemetery.

He was honored by the UDC on Confederate Memorial Day, 2003, in Banks County

*Jedediah GARRISON, a Revolutionary War patriot, who was one of the organizers of

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church, is buried in the cemetery at Mt. Pleasant

and is the ancestor of the GARRISON soldiers who are also buried there.

*John A. KELLY was the regiment blacksmith and courier. After the Battle of Kennesaw,

he went home to plant crops. He lived to be 101 years old.

*John F. GARRISON and W. Terrell COCHRAN were childhood sweethearts of Sara HILL.

She eventually married John GARRISON, who went to the war and was wounded at the Battle of Kennesaw.

When Sara heard this, she went by mule and wagon to find him. She found him in the rail yards

in Atlanta (as in the scene from "Gone With The Wind") and told him she was going to freshen

up and would be back for him. When she returned he was dead. She obtained a casket

and tried to get passage home on the train, but to no avail. A Yankee officer overheard

her and secured passage for her, her dead husband and the mule and wagon. They had to go by

way of Jonesboro and up to Athens, and then she could get home from there.

She buried John in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Later she married W. Terrell COCHRAN, who also went to war.

He survived and came home to Sara. When he died , she had him buried in the same plot as her first

husband, with a space between them for her. However, she was visiting her daughter in Atlanta when

she died and is buried in the Westview Cemetery, Section 17, Lot 456.


exerpt from The Banks County News,Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Copy & Copyright 2003©Vicky Chambers & Jacqueline King