Excerpts from Banks County Journal, May 1915




DEAR EDITOR: PLease allow me space in your paper to make a few remarks as it sems that everybody want to meddle in the other fellow's business. Some of them have land around here to be sold and not have ever bought any land and yet they want to attend to the other fellow's business. They want to sneak around behind his back to do it. I would to God that some of them around here had a little land to see to. Some of them have lived around here to be old and have not bought any land yet, but will beat their old backs off trying to attend to the other fellow's business. If some of them were at work, what time they are going to Lula, maybe they have some business to attend to and not the other fellows all the time. Some of them will go to Homer and lose a whole day to attend to the other fellow's business. They had better be at work that day. Some one is always ready to sneak around and see where they can sink a nickel and always ready to meddle. Some of our good old gray headed brothers will get down and pray their lives away and their prayers do not go higher than their heads.


Signed, May Bee

Lula, Ga.






At Gillsville, Ga. fifth Sunday in May. Everybody invited.






I have a good milch cow with second calf which I will sell at a reasonable price. Fresh in milk.







From the personal papers of William Fulton Morris


Copy and Copyright by Jacqueline King