Oct. 18, 1898

My Dear Addie,

Well it seems that I can never have an opportunity to see you all again and so will write you.

Yes I failed to get off to see you on the second Sunday as I anticipated but hope to make the trip in the near future

I suppose Mr. Bob told you of his visit here some three weeks ago. He said he would see you all at S.S. He also informed me that you all were well and getting on nicely.

Oh Yes I heard about you and Emma too. You won't write but I catch up with you sometimes.

Emma did not tell me whether Miss Minnie had returned home or not. Would be glad to see her.

I saw Miss Robbie at church Sunday. She informed me that she has twenty subscribed Scholars. Glad to know she is progressing so well.

Hope she will have a fuller school than I. Addie

I wish you and Emma were here to help me quilt. It is right cold to quilt away from fire.

I dreamed about you all not since. Wish I could see Venable and Tom.

Tell Frellie I think of her and wish she would write me. I certainly would enjoy a letter from any of you. I am going to write Albert. I believe he will write to me. I shall risk it anyway.

Very devotedly,

Addie Chandler

Letter from Addie Chandler to Addie Morris from personal papers of William Fulton Morris

Copy and Copyright 2003 by Jacqueline King