"LOCAL ITEMS", May 23, 1888


as Published in the "Banks Observer"


Jno. Barton, Proprietor

"Oats are looking up."


"Three cheers and a tiger for the Homer Band."


"Mr. Waters left his "fly killer" at home, Saturday."


"The public well has been nicely painted."


"Maysville was well represented at the picnic and school exercises here Saturday, to make a success."


"There was no mail here last Monday week on acount of misconnection with the trains."


"The masonic fraternity at Homer seems to be in a flourishing condition."


"Threshing will soon be in progress. While Georgia is not quoted as a wheat state, her grain is very fair for home production."


"The cemetery is in wretched condition, and ought to be fenced. An outlay of a few dollars would make the necessary repairs."


"The doctors report a good deal of sickness in the country just now. This is caused from the changable weather we have had the past few days."


"We call attention to our readers to the announcement of J.C. Allen for re-election to the tax receiver's office."


"In this issue appears the card of Mr. H.H. David for Tax Collector. Mr. David is well acquainted with the people of Banks. Any reference more than he will make a faithful officer, would be superflus(sic) on the part of the Observer."


"Spring chickens and Irish potatoes and strawberry pies are the latest luxuries. There is no cause for a man if he perishes in this country

except downright laziness."


"The exhibition and picnic of Homer Academy last Saturday was a success. The speaking took place upstairs in the Court House,-Commencing at 9 a.m. Music was furnished by the Homer String Band. The School did well in their deliverance of speeches and essays. After the exercises, dinner was served on the grounds in front of the court square. A large number from all parts of the county were present.


Miss Martin has managed the school here with much skill and tact. She has advanced her pupils rapidly and pleasantly, and not a word of complaint has been entered against her so far. We must say that displays wonderful judgement and tact in teaching and, if she continues in the profession, she will hold a place of front rank."


"Dan Sale, a negro, was lynched one night last week in Wilkes County, for making a criminal assault upon a young lady."


"Call for Executive Committee.

A meeting of the Democratic Executive Committee of Banks county, is hereby called to assemble in Homer on Tuesday the 5th day of June 1888 at 10 o'clock a.m., for the purpose of designating a time for holding primary elections for the nomination of a candidate to represent the people of Banks county in the next Legislature of the state of Georgia. A full attendance is desired.


A.C. Moss, Chairman"



Spelling as printed


Transcribed by Jacqueline King


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