Banks County Journal, 1905


The contracting parties came into town quietly Sunday morning and procured a license, and immediately left town in search of a minister.


They drove over to Gillsville where they were joined in the holy bonds of wedlock by Rev. Chas. T. Brown.


Mrs. Morris is the second daughter of Mr. Thom. F. Parks, was reared in the county near Gillsville, but has resided in Maysville the past three years. She is a young woman of many rare and lovable traits.


Mr. Morris is known far and wide as the invincible, irresistable, irrepressible and only Stig Morris, than whom a bigger hearted , more wholesome man never lived. This is his native county and he was reared in this town. He has been dealing in the livestock for years, and is known throughout the south and west among the leading dealers. This business has proven very successful-________his prominence as a businessman.


He has scores of friends everywhere who extend congratulations.







William Franklin Morris Jr. , son of William Franklin Morris (1832-1864) and Averilla Waters (1842-1908), was born 17 Nov. 1861 and died 7 May, 1952 in Banks County at age 90. He is buried in Sunrise Cemetery, Maysville GA.


Mary Parks Morris was born 25 Nov 1882 and died 27 January 1978 age 95. She is buried in Sunrise Cemetery, Maysville GA.



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