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Banks County, Georgia

A collaborative effort of cemetery preservation advocates working to increase public awareness and activism in preserving, protecting and restoring endangered and forgotten cemeteries worldwide.

Saving Graves is dedicated to providing leadership, education and advocacy in preserving, restoring endangered and forgotten cemeteries worldwide The information contained within this website is provided as a public service and is sumitted by it's users. Saving Graves makes no guarantee that the informaton is current or accurate. Readers should make every attempt to verify the information before acting on it. The County Coordinator for Banks County is Vicky Chambers


Cemetery Law- Georgia Code 36-72-1 - The care accorded the remains of deceased persons reflects respect and regard for human dignity as well as cultural, spiritual, and religious values. The General Assembly declares that human remains and burial objects are not property to be owned by the person or entity, which owns the land or water where the human remains or burial objects are interred or discovered. Full piece by piece break down of Georgia Cemetery Laws. Final Passage of New Cemetery and Funeral Laws - From Cathy Cox, Georgia Secretary of State.


Banks County Government Listings

Georgia State and Local Government on the Net -

Various links to many different branches of Georgia State and Local Government. Provided by Piper Resources.

Banks County Courthouse

144 Yonah Homer Rd.

P.O. Box 337

Homer, GA 30547

(706) 677-2248


Banks County Law Enforcement

Banks County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff- Charles Chapman

226 Candler St.

Homer, Georgia 30547

(706) 677-2248


Cemetery Surveys INC

US GEO-GEN Service - Cemetery Locating Service

Association For Gravestone Studies

Banks County Cemetery Index

How to report an endangered cemetery

Preservation Groups

East Georgia Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 117

Winder, Georgia 30680

e-mail: [email protected]

Banks County Historical Society

P. O. Box 473

Homer, Georgia 30547-0473


[email protected]

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