Acree Felicia Acree-Mittan N/A
Ausburn Debbie Bishop N/A
" Carole S. Walker N/A
Beaty Clay Williams N/A
Brewer James Brewer N/A
Bowden Stephanie Bradley N/A
Broom Jeanie Broome Johnson N/A
Brock Bobbie N/A
Brown Carole S. Walker N/A
" Debbie Bishop N/A
Bryan Nancy Bryan Machu N/A
" Pauline [Bryan] Davis N/A
Bryant Nancy Bryan Machu N/A
" Pauline [Bryan] Davis N/A
Cagle Gerald Cagle N/A
Carson Valeda Hall N/A
Cash Lamar Davis N/A
Caudell Carole S. Walker N/A
Chandler Brenda Chandler Brubeck Chandler Family Asso.
Chitwood Bobbie N/A
Cruse/Cruise/Crews Jean N/A
Davis Lamar Davis N/A
Davis David Owen Styles N/A
Denman Nancy Bryan Machu N/A
Dodd Russell Hathcock N/A
Dyar Ned Dyer N/A
Fowler Marie Rutledge N/A
Garrison James Lord N/A
Goode Dolores Davis
Greenway Glenda Glisson N/A
Hinton Pauline [Bryan] Davis N/A
Hooper Robert C. Johnston, Jr. N/A
Knox Valeda Hall N/A
LeCroy Dolores Davis
Lewallen Bobbie N/A
Lord James Lord N/A
Martin Jean N/A
McCune Paula Franklin N/A
McDonald Diane Sanfilippo  
McDow Gail McDow Rhodes N/A
Murray Allene N/A
" Carole S. Walker N/A
Owen David Owen Styles N/A
Parker Sue Mikles N/A
Poole William C Poole N/A
Pritchett Dolores Davis
Pruitt Bob Nelson N/A
Quailes or Gailes Diane Sanfilippo  
Peyton Bonnie Roberts Broome N/A
Rice Debbie Bishop N/A
Roberts Bonnie Roberts Broome N/A
Rylee Diane N/A
Sellers Carole S. Walker N/A
Sheridan Glenda Glisson N/A
Shore Martha N/A
Stephens Bonnie Roberts Broome N/A
Threlkeld Deborah Threlkeld Smith N/A
Vaughn Carole S. Walker N/A
Veal Susan Kincaid N/A
Ward Marie Rutledge N/A
Watson Bobbie N/A
Williams Valeda Hall N/A

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